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      Hair dryer repair knowledge

      If the hair dryer is not powered, check whether the power supply is loose. It may also be that the solder joints inside are off. If it is not energized, it can be removed by hand. The general hair dryer is not powered. It may be because it is a solder joint. Shedding, check it first, if it is not, take it to the repair shop for repair. If the hair dryer suddenly does not work during use, it may be because the temperature is too high, the temperature control device automatically cuts off the power supply, and the temperature can be lowered after the temperature is lowered. The hair dryer can be faulty according to the test quad. Reason 1. Confirm that the power is connected. 2. Confirm that the switch is cut to open. 3. Smell if there is any focus. If the switch is turned on, the power is turned on, suddenly stopped, after ten minutes, it can be restored, it proves that the temperature of the blower is too high, and the overheat protector (thermometer) is disconnected, so it is safe for action. If it can't be recovered, it proves that the hair dryer is broken, and there is a possibility that the plug is not in good contact.

      Tools/raw materials

      Repair tools: multimeter, screwdriver, tape, electric iron

      Method / step

      1. In the first case, if the wire is blown or the switch fails, it can be detected by a multimeter buzzer. Replace it

      2. In the second case, the heating wire is short-circuited or blown. Under normal conditions, the resistance is within 10~100Ω. It can be detected with a multimeter resistance file.

      3. In the third case, the rectifier bridge stack is burnt out, and the multimeter diode file can be detected. Under normal conditions, the forward voltage drop is about 480 volts. If the detection is abnormal, you can go to the electronics market to buy a diode replacement, and pay attention to the direction when soldering by hand.

      4. In the fourth case, the DC motor burns out. Common faults include winding open circuit, broken brush, and spindle stuck. You can purchase the same type of motor on the Internet or Taobao.

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