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      Perm precautions

      Perm should not be excessive: perm process will cause excessive curling of hair after perming, difficult to comb when wet, rough feeling when dry, dull texture, dull. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the perm, perm must also be in control of the perm time.

           Preparation before perm: Wash your hair before ironing. Do not use hard water when rinsing your hair. Hard water contains a lot of minerals, which will make your hair fade or remove makeup. Therefore, it is best to choose a shampoo that can wash away mineral deposits before perming. Rinse the hair with soft water. After perming, the hair color is more uniform and the time is longer. It is more satisfying. Moisturizing conditioner should be used after perming to avoid fragile and broken hair.

           Perm frequency: Perm should not be over frequency. Hot blanching will make the hair lose oil and moisture, which is extraordinarily dry and dull. The hair is easy to coke and fall off, and it will make the upper layer of the scalp necrosis and dandruff increase, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of hair. The cold scalding agent has strong alkalinity. Excessive use will not only deform the hair keratin protein, but also reduce the tensile strength, and also saponify the fatty acid of the moisturizing hair, reduce the oil and make the hair yellow. Therefore, no matter whether it is hot or cold, it should not be too frequent. It is better to use it once every six months. To protect your hair and achieve both hair and hair care, it is a good idea to curl your hair yourself.

           Type of perm: Perm is divided into hot and cold, hot is also perm, apply hair with ammonia, then curl the upper clip, and heat it to make the hair fluffy. This kind of perm needs to be operated in a barber shop. It is suitable for oily hair. It can converge and reduce oil after ironing, but it is not suitable for dry hair. Dry hair is easy to use with cold perm.

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